Adobe ColdFusion Trends

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How to Plan a Data Migration in 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes you need to move your data, whether it’s to downsize unnecessary files, move from paper to digital, or migrate from one development language to a new development language. Data security or fueling big analytics requires a clean set of data, and data...

ColdFusion 2020: Pre-release Version Now Available!

It’s official. Adobe has brought ColdFusion’s latest release out of private beta and into the public beta testing phase. The pre-release version of ColdFusion 2020 is now available for download at     ColdFusion 2020: What’s New?...

Why Outsourcing Is a Great Way to Grow Your Small Business

CEO burnout. Overwhelm. Attempts to "do it all." A company may not necessarily want to hire new team members right now. Outsourcing might be the best option.       Focusing on Core Business & Outsourcing the Rest   Outsourcing certain jobs can be...

Is Adobe ColdFusion Dead? After Decades of ColdFusion Experience

Adobe, Inc., the producers of ColdFusion have pledged development and support for the platform for at least the next 10 years.

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