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How to Plan a Data Migration in 3 Simple Steps

Sometimes you need to move your data, whether it’s to downsize unnecessary files, move from paper to digital, or migrate from one development language to a new development language. Data security or fueling big analytics requires a clean set of data, and data...

ColdFusion Versions: Upgrade To Increase Performance

ColdFusion versions; from Cold Fusion 3.1 to ColdFusion 2018. Adobe ColdFusion has been around for almost 25 years. It started as an executable built in the C programming language, and, in version 6 (known as ColdFusion MX at the time) shifted to run on top of Java....

10 Ways to Communicate Effectively With Your Development Team

These simple tips will help you communicate effectively with your Web Development Team. Think of it as a peek behind the curtain on how we developers think.

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