What Makes ColdFusion Markup Language Better Than Other Languages

ColdFusion Markup Language

by | Jul 16, 2020

Adobe ColdFusion is a powerful development platform. Including a robust development language – ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML). At Epicenter, we feel ColdFusion is the best choice for software development. Why? 

First things first, let me say that “better” is a relative concept. ColdFusion is a single tool in a vast toolbox. Much like tools, some tradesmen get attached to a particular brand. Ultimately, a hammer is a hammer, and a saw is a saw. But there may be differences in the quality of each tool.

Here are the top five reasons we believe ColdFusion is better than other languages:


CFML is RAD! (Rapid Application Development)

No, we’re not using an antiquated form of slang from the ’90s. Rapid Application Development (RAD), our favorite ColdFusion feature – how it accelerates the application development process. Indeed, ColdFusion lives by its mantra, “making hard things easy for coders.”

Besides, ColdFusion’s built-in functions and connectivity options are simple to understand and easy to implement. Also, these integrated features are powerful enough to run the most complex applications. Other languages, in comparison – may require wiring every single piece of information together – manually. ColdFusion language, on the other hand, takes some of that unnecessary boilerplate code away and makes it work.


Native Access to Underlying Java Components

Since ColdFusion runs on the Java Virtual Machine and CFML is parsed into Java bytecode, the JVM’s underpinnings are natively available. If you need to increase functionality by adding .jar files to your java installation (to access the Amazon Web Services JDK, for example), the process is simple and straightforward.


Multiple Versions, Including Open-Source

Adobe ColdFusion comes in two different editions: ColdFusion Standard Edition & ColdFusion Enterprise Edition. ColdFusion also includes an open-source version from the Lucee Association Switzerland.

ColdFusion Standard Edition is a perfect ColdFusion engine for applications that do not need to incur enterprise level expenses. Alternatively, ColdFusion Enterprise Edition offers enterprise-ready features and scalability to take software development to an enterprise level.

And for those who are cost-conscious, or gravitate towards open-source solutions, Lucee CFML engine is a powerful, stable, and free ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) interpreter.


Built-In Security Features & Functions

Securing your application and the engine is effortless with ColdFusion’s built-in security features and functions. Furthermore, with the introduction of the auto-lockdown tool in ColdFusion 2018 and other essential elements, ColdFusion is one of the most secure languages available today.

The comprehensive features include SQL injection protection, script protection, cross-site request forgery, hashing, and encryption.


ColdFusion Markup Language is ECMA/Script-Based Language

ColdFusion is easy to pick up by developers who code in other languages. Consider the following code:

What Makes ColdFusion Markup Language Better Than Other Languages - CFScript syntax

The code is ColdFusion script syntax, but it’s also very similar syntax to many other languages. Show this code to a javascript developer, and they’re going to understand it right out of the gate.This ColdFusion code is one of many examples.

Over the years ColdFusion has proven to be a reliable and secure platform for developing software. At Epicenter, it is our development platform of choice! And it’s many powerful features make ColdFusion better than other languages!

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